Singapore’s MCF Training Grant ‘powerhouse’: setting a global bench mark

Singapore, strategically situated on the Malacca and Singapore Straits, has long been a centre of international trade and shipping. Foresight, long-term planning and positive leadership have taken Singapore to a position of global influence in these industries. A critical part of this process has been to develop a world standard Maritime Cluster of high quality[…]

The ‘Titanic’ enquiry whitewash and the birth of SOLAS and the IMO.

Most of us have seen the ‘Titanic’ movie but many of us will not know of the tremendous impact this terrible tragedy had in creating an international system for the regulation of ship, crew and passenger safety. This short article will focus on some of the key features of the ‘Titanic’ incident as the principal[…]

AMSA bans another Indonesian flag vessel from Australian waters: time for Indonesia’s shipowners to wake up?

The Australian Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA) has a well known reputation for operating one of the world’s toughest PSC (Port State Control) regimes. Stories include an elderly bulk carrier that was detained and was only allowed to leave Australia at the end of a tow line, en route to an Asian scrapyard. So Australia is[…]