Drewry Forecasts ‘Rising Tide’ For 2017 Dry Bulk

Due to on-going contraction in vessel supply and a healthy demand growth, the dry bulk shipping market is expected to recover during 2017 onwards, according to global shipping consultancy Drewry. Their most recent forecast, published last week, notes a better than expected outlook for dry bulk demand coupled with record levels of scrapping and a[…]

“Old [sea] dogs and new tricks”: Ulstein’s rapid adaption to market change.

In today’s still stormy shipping market, it’s worth recalling that Darwin’s famous theory of evolution was not ‘the survival of the fittest’ but was actually ‘the survival of the quickest to adapt to change’. This week’s SeaBlog is about the commercial application of this theory to the business of offshore ship design and building –[…]

Singapore: putting its training money where its maritime future is.

Singapore has no natural resources. Not even, apart from rain, its own supply of fresh water. But it does have a priceless location at the gate to the ‘over 100,000 ship transits per annum’ corridors of the Singapore and Malacca Straits. Singapore also benefits from a diligent, resourceful and well educated multi-cultural population. These key[…]

‘Knowledge Pilots’ – Key Elements’ experts on the Business of Shipping

Shipping is a complex business that requires the optimum interaction of technology, regulation, marketing, commercial competence, risk management and high standards of seamanship. So where does one start learning about how it all works if you have not been involved in this business before? Or perhaps have been working in an administrative or service sector[…]

“The [Shipping] times, they are a-changing…”

So sang recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan several decades ago. SeaProf is quite sure that the world’s best known maritime economist, Martin Stopford, would endorse Dylan’s famous lyric in relation to shipping in 2016 and the future. The ‘gambling’ (buy low, sell high) strategies must stop, says Stopford, so as to prevent the recurring[…]

Key Elements of Shipping October 17-19th, 2016

Key Elements of Shipping – give yourself a career boost! Or please share this info with a friend.   The 13th Singapore run of the BI Norwegian Business School’s and SeaProf Executive Education’s iconic maritime industry course is scheduled for 17-19 October, 2016.   Check out our Course Flyer The flyer includes full information as well[…]

SeaProf’s NEW course “Fundamentals of Merchant Ships” + BI/SeaProf’s “Key Elements of Shipping” = Essential knowledge for ‘turning lemons into lemonade’.

We all know that times are tough in shipping and that 2016 is not looking great. However, it’s not bad for everyone and the tanker and cruise ship market is still growing and profitable. Nor will the down turn last forever as old bulk carriers keep going to scrap, the container fleets re-structure and the[…]

‘Smoking Ships’ and ‘Smoking Guns’: IMO’s rescue of green shipping from a COP 21 world where pigs can evidently fly.

The term ‘smoking gun’ has long been used as a metaphor for incontrovertible evidence of guilt. The evidence of air pollution caused by ship engine exhaust is incontrovertible. The question must now be as to just how bad is it compared to emissions from shore based sources? And what more can be done about ship[…]