Custom Courses

In-House Company Training

Some maritime industry companies prefer in-house training techniques to reduce loss of working time for their employees, while providing greater focus on company centric challenges and solutions.

Course fees per head can be reduced as well and the MPA’s MCF training grants also extend to eligible participants (up to 70% of costs) for all maritime related in-house training.

Training methodologies can include distance/e-learning, classroom/face to face learning at the workplace or a blended learning combination of both.

Target audiences within companies can include new graduate intakes, the provision of needs led coaching, supervisor and management training or ‘bootcamps’ to provide best practice knowledge updates.


Methodologies & Processes Include:

  • A review of the client’s business procedures, the targeted employees and goals to ensure the appropriate training focus and methods.
  • Creation of a course outline, inclusive of materials references and learning outcomes, for client/SeaProf discussion, review and any necessary adjustment.
  • Presentation of course content to agreed schedule and subsequent learning assessment.
  • Training/learning assessment report provision to client and necessary follow-up.

Outcomes Will Include:

  • Enhancement of both the client’s and their employees’ industry knowledge and business competitiveness.
  • Development of team based learning and internal networks which support workforce development and job satisfaction.
  • Advancement of our clients’ global knowledge sharing, collaboration and success in a highly complex business environment.
  • Training efficiencies in conjunction with significant training cost reductions.

To learn more about In-House Company Training and the many potential benefits

contact us HERE or call +65 6323 7732 and speak to Ms. Ashley Loke, our Course Co-ordinator.