Five Easy Steps to the MCF 50% Training Grant

The MCF Training Grant is available to Singapore Citizens and PR’s employed by a Singapore company. For Key Elements of Shipping (KES) 20 – 22 Nov 2018 course attendees, the MCF Grant is 50% of the course fee of SGD 3,725.00. Our ‘5 Step’ summary takes you through the simple KES registration process and application for the MCF grant that halves the per person course fee cost to SGD 1,862.50.

Our ‘5 Easy Steps’ as below:

1.   First, forward this mail to your HR/Training manager so that they can better understand the MCF grant process as well. Then have a chat with them about attending the KES course and the benefits for you and your company.

2.   Once approved, Register for KES on the SeaProf website. SeaProf will then send a course fee invoice to your sponsoring employer together with an MCF training grant application form.

3.   The MCF application form should then be completed, signed by a ‘Senior Executive’ of your company and e-mailed to SeaProf.

4.   SeaProf collates all attendee MCF application form information to an MCF summary form. This is transmitted to the MCF at the end of the course along with a signed course attendance list.

5.   The MCF then process the summary application form for payment. Grant monies for each attendee are then transmitted to SeaProf for onward disbursement to sponsoring employers.

SeaProf does most of the MCF grant application work for you. This includes transmitting your application data to the MCF, keeping your HR and Accounting managers updated during the MCF approval process and ensuring prompt payment to your sponsoring employer.

We hope that our ‘5 Easy Steps’ summary has provided a better understanding of MCF Training Grant eligibility, the generous 50% course fee rebate that’s available and how easy it is to access. Full details of the MCF Training Grant are available at Maritime Cluster Fund

Finally, don’t forget SeaProf’s Special ‘Buy 2 seats and get a 3rd seat Free’ Offer. After application of the MCF grant, the Net Cost to send 3 of your team to to the KES course, would be a total of only SGD 3,725.00 for three full days of intensive and topical training.

We look forward to welcoming you to ‘Key Elements of Shipping’ 20-22 Nov, 2018. If you may have any questions about the MCF Grant, the KES course or Registration,  please send your enquiries to


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