‘Top 10’ Reasons to Attend ‘Key Elements of Shipping’, 20 – 22 Nov 2018

Participants will take away a career boosting comprehension of the complex and challenging business of shipping and the functions of its principal stakeholders.

Our ‘Top 10’ outcomes are listed below. As a KES attendee you will:


  1. Experience a big picture view of ‘the Business of Shipping’ as the world’s ‘90% of everything’ transport industry, its multiple components and their interconnection.
  2. Benefit from engaging with the market know-how and hands-on experience of top maritime industry executives and academics.
  3. Upskill your knowledge of Ship Type, Trades and Shipping Terminology.
  4. Identify the ‘Key Players’ and connect their interactive roles in moving over 10 Billion tonnes of energy, commodities and liner cargo every year.
  5. Understand the requisite synergies and potential conflicts between the revenue and cost reduction goals of commercial and technical ship managers.
  6. Recognise the importance of pro-active risk identification and management.
  7. Raise your awareness of the new disruptors in shipping including block-chain, digitalisation, big data analysis, AI, robotics and autonomous ships.
  8. Engage in team analysis of shipping problems and the creation of positive solutions.
  9. Network with other maritime industry professionals to share experience, generate new connections and identify new opportunities.
  10. Takeaway your new shipping knowledge and skills for immediate application in your work place.

KES participants from a range of shipping and support industry backgrounds will deep dive into the roles of the maritime economist, trader and transport operator, ship manager, ship financier, ship broker, salvage expert, marine insurer, port manager and maritime arbitrator/mediator. Learning will be reinforced by interactive case studies and discussion.

We look forward to welcoming you to Key Elements of Shipping, 20-22 Nov 2018.

Full details are on the SeaProf Course Calendar Page inclusive of Course Brochure, Speaker CV’s, Net Fees Advice and Registration.







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