BI Norwegian Business School, NTU and SeaProf: 10 years of academic partnership and MPA training grant support.

As we enter 2018, it comes to SeaProf’s mind that BI, NTU and SeaProf have been partners in the production of maritime academic excellence in Singapore for now over 10 years. All of this work has been encouraged and supported by what must be one of the world’s best maritime skills development programmes, the Singapore MPA’s Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) and its generous training grant system. This investment has now paid big dividends to Singapore in elevating this city state to be ranked as No. 1 in the Menon Report’s ‘Leading Maritime Capitals of the World 2017’. Singapore has held this slot for the past two years with Hamburg and Oslo running at 2nd and 3rd place respectively. If you haven’t yet looked at this document, spend a few minutes cruising the comprehensive data provided and be impressed with its detail and objectivity.

BI, based in Oslo with six campuses throughout Norway, and NTU, based in Singapore and now ranked No. 11 on the QS World University Ranking, have been working together since 2004. Their goal was the creation and delivery of maritime undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes as a critical part of ensuring Singapore’s maritime future and success as a world class maritime centre. At the beginning of this process, BI – as a leading business school in Europe – had the long maritime experience and the academic personnel available to help create and deliver the requisite content. The MPA, through their innovative MCF financial support facility, backed these programmes and the Singapore citizen and PR students who attended them.

SeaProf began working with BI and NTU in 2007. This was first as a part of BI’s Norwegian Government supported maritime education programmes in Vietnam and Indonesia. Later, it was as a member of the BI lecturing team for MPA supported maritime degree programmes at NTU. It all proved to be an amazing experience in the transfer of both academic and real life market knowledge to new entrants to the business of shipping. It also provided a bonus to those who had been in the industry for many years but had not had the opportunity to obtain specialist education to enhance their career prospects. Yes, there were large differences in levels of pre-existing knowledge, English language skills and expectations. However, the desire to learn new things and clarify old things was – and still is – always at the core of a very high level of participant curiosity and engagement.

Along the way, BI, NTU and SeaProf created the now iconic ‘Key Elements of Shipping’ 3-day intensive short course (KES) that was designed for new or transitioning maritime executives based in Singapore and the Asian region. The first KES course launched in 2010 and has been run successfully twice each year – in March and October – ever since then. The KES speakers are top practitioners in their fields of expertise including maritime law, ship broking, chartering, ship management, ship finance, marine salvage, bridge simulation, future ships and fuels, marine insurance, container planning and future ports. Interactive lectures are combined with class workshops to discuss, practice and reinforce the new knowledge and skills just learned. It’s topical, focused and intensive. But we make time for some fun and laughter as well!

We hope you or some of your colleagues will be able to join us at the 16th Run of ‘Key Elements of Shipping’, 13-15 March 2018 in Singapore. Our past KES participants include many of the big names in ship owning, chartering and services including APL, BHP Biliton, Berge Bulk, Charles Taylor, Cargill, Thome, Jardine, Willhelmsen, DNB Bank, Nordea and many, many more. The majority are now repeat customers who have incorporated the KES short course experience into their own new entrant and long term employee training programmes. Feedback results are always very positive and can be viewed on our website. We also invite constructive criticism. Our most frequent grumble? “Not enough time. More please”.

Full details of the next KES course are available on the SeaProf Course Calendar website. Please access through the buttons on the calendar page which include the KES course brochure, speaker details, course fees and more information on the very generous MCF training grant.

If you may require any further information, our KES Course Coordinator,, will be very pleased to assist you. Or please telephone +65 6632 3595.

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