KES 16th Run: new topics & speakers for 13-15 March 2018


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The Singapore KES course of 10 – 12 October 2017 marked the 15th Run milestone for the ‘Key Elements of Shipping’ course. The first KES course was delivered in 2010 through collaboration between SeaProf Executive Education and the BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo. The collaboration continues as the KES course steams into its eighth year of providing 3-day high engagement learning on the business of shipping, the world’s most crucial ‘90% of everything’ industry.

KES always strives to deliver new specialist speakers on topical shipping issues. Our Oct 2017 KES course featured a ‘hands on’ visit to the Kongsberg Ship Simulator and a Gard P&I presentation on Maritime Cyber Security. Our regular core speakers presented on chartering, ship finance, salvage, future ports and much more. Engagement is intensified through case study illustrations and role play designed to both reinforce and assess new knowledge.

Were our KES participants happy with what they got? The very positive feedback received indicates that they were and we invited constructive criticism as well. Our last course testimonials included lines such as, “Fun, cohesive and interactive!” and “Enriching, enjoyable – worth my time!”. Constructive criticisms related to “Not enough time – need another day” and “More site visits please!”. Great responses and this is what keeps us working to provide more.

The 16th Run of the KES course is scheduled for 13 -15 March 2018. New specialist speakers and topics will include ‘Fundamentals of Maritime Economics’ presented by Dr Yap Wei Yim, former MPA chief strategist and SMU lecturer. Other new content will be ‘Mega Container Ships: Design & Operation’ with Tom Bebbington, Director of Container Logic. By popular demand, another site visit to the Kongsberg Simulator facility will be included. KES participants will have the opportunity to helm a ship through a narrow channel and then manoeuvre an offshore vessel to unload cargo to a drill rig in heavy weather. It’s so realistic that some of our participants felt a bit queasy from the simulated ship motion!

Our core speakers will also be in action to pilot KES participants through the hoops of ‘the business of shipping’ from ship types to company structure, the ship sale and purchase market, ship management, chartering, ship finance, salvage, disruptive technology, modern marine insurance and future ports. The goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to the interconnection of the many stakeholders required to keep ships, cargo and the global economy moving together with the daily lives of all who inhabit the planet.

An important part of the KES learning process is the case study work that provides the summary and conclusion to each topic taught on the course. A great example is the case study and role play led by Dave Wisse, Contracts Manager for SMIT, one of the world’s leading salvage companies. Dave opens with an informative and enjoyable session on the legal and technical aspects of salvage, complete with an excellent video of a recent high profile salvage operation. KES participant groups of five then choose a role (e.g. port authority, shipowner, insurer, etc.) and apply their new knowledge to resolve the grounding of a large bulk carrier off the coast of Indonesia. Groups then consider, share and interact with each other to ensure the safety of the crew and bring the situation under full control. It’s great brain storming stuff that cements understanding and produces casualty management confidence.

Would you like to experience KES learning and networking with other marine industry professionals like yourself? If so, you can access the full details of our next KES course including our brochure, fees and MCF training grant details, speaker CV’s and other information from the SeaProf Course Calendar page.

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