Key Elements bonus topic: ULSTEIN’s X-BOW and X-STERN wind ships.

SeaProf and the BI Norwegian Business School greatly value the time and dedication provided by all of our academic and industry guest speakers. Many of them have been supporting the production of the Key Elements of Shipping course since its first run in 2010. KES, now an iconic shipping course in Singapore, would not be possible without their faithful support.

One of our long term supporters has been Mr Gunnar Haug, MD of Ulstein Asia Pte Ltd. Ulstein Group ASA are based in Ulsteinvik, Norway, with offices in six countries. They are the creators of the now famous X-BOW and the X-STERN as fitted to their ultra-high tech offshore support vessels. Ulstein’s website provides an outstanding overview of their family business history, their culture of innovation and their rapid advancement into offshore wind power support and expedition cruise ship design and build.

Gunnar will now be joining the KES course as our final and special guest speaker on Day 3 of the course which is focused on future ports and shipping. Ulstein’s design concepts are already an integral part of the future of shipping and customer demand in the cruise and offshore wind industries. The installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms is a huge part of the renewable and emission free energy of the future. Check out the video of an Ulstein offshore wind vessel clocked at 14 knots full ahead and 12 knots full astern with precise steering. Or take a look at the Ulstein Bridge Vision video for a wild but feasible look at tomorrow and beyond.

Ulstein are also on board with the steady rise in demand for cruising holidays as global middle class wealth and life style expectations increase. Customers are sensitive to climate change issues and the need for green solutions, especially when cruising in environmentally sensitive areas such as the Arctic and Antarctic. Ulstein’s futuristic expedition cruise ship and yacht designs provide a stylish experience, reduced operational costs and ‘polar bear friendly’ solutions. Letters of intent are already signed for a series of four high end cruise ships of 7,000 tons (with a option for six more) which will feature both the X-BOW and hybrid propulsion systems. LOI’s have also been signed for a 10,000 tonner and negotiations are ongoing with a German owner for two similar vessels.

The world now races towards the next decade in shipping at a technology development speed that has never been experienced before. Gunnar will have some new and disruptive ship designs to show us and get our brain cells locked into future markets and technology. There is still one KES seat left if anyone would like to get on board. Full details of the course are at Key Elements of Shipping. Hope to see you there!





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