‘Knowledge Pilots’ – Key Elements’ experts on the Business of Shipping

Shipping is a complex business that requires the optimum interaction of technology, regulation, marketing, commercial competence, risk management and high standards of seamanship. So where does one start learning about how it all works if you have not been involved in this business before? Or perhaps have been working in an administrative or service sector of shipping and now need to know how all the parts connect together to generate shipping profitability and success?

In today’s difficult and highly competitive shipping market, ‘newbies’ are expected to be productive in a very short period of time. So how can the necessary learning be acquired in the most efficient manner and with optimum retention to facilitate immediate application?

SeaProf Executive Education and the BI Norwegian Business School have been working together on providing a solution since 2010. Our focus is on the production of what is now the premier ‘introduction to shipping business’ course in Singapore. Known as ‘Key Elements of Shipping’ or KES, it’s fully supported by MCF training grants and the PIC cash rebate scheme.

KES packs a lot of learning into an intensive 3-day programme that invariably ends with requests by participating maritime professionals for ‘more please’. The secret lies in the quality and experience of our KES speakers – or ‘Knowledge Pilots’ as we often like to think of them – in guiding and supporting KES participants to acquire new skills and business confidence in a challenging but exciting industry. If ‘more’ is necessary, we can provide that too on an ‘in-house’ basis (generous grants and rebates are also available).

Some recent photos and brief details of our KES speakers in action are as below. Further  Speaker CV information is available through the SeaProf website.

Course leader and moderator, Capt Robert Gordon, (above), MD of SeaProf Executive Education, is a Master Mariner and Maritime Solicitor. Backed by his long experience as a mariner, lawyer and P&I correspondent, he has lectured on NTU’s well known MSc Maritime Studies course for many years. Robert opens the KES course with the basics of shipping company organisation and a fascinating review of ship types and trades. Later, he provides a plain language guide to maritime conventions and shipping regulation. New knowledge is then reinforced through an interactive case study session on the impact of regulations on ship management, operating costs and risk control.

Christian Nolting, (above), Director of Ship Finance Asia Pacific, Nordbank LB, is a career banker with a speciality in the ship finance sector. His extensive experience includes structuring and leading large ship finance transactions, acquisition finance, advisory, operating and finance lease solutions as well as a variety of finance restructures. Christian provides an engaging presentation on the various forms of ship finance that are available in today’s market. Using case study illustrations, he guides KES participants through the problems that banks have met with and the alternatives that ship owners and investors are now looking to. Christian’s goals are to demystify banking for maritime professionals and, as an NTU guest speaker, to promote ship finance as a fascinating career for graduates.

Dr. Jasmine Lam, (above), is the Director of the well-known and MPA endorsed MSc Maritime Studies programme at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has extensive experience in shipping research and consulting to major port stakeholders and managers, including the now multi-national PSA Corporation. Dr. Lam’s specialty is in port operation and management with a special emphasis on ‘future ports’, their structure and robotic cargo handling in a ‘mega ship’ world. Dr Lam’s absorbing port presentation and case study focuses on future challenges, opportunities & solutions.

Dave Wisse, (above), is the Contract Manager for SMIT’s Salvage, Singapore, one of the world’s most famous salvage operators. Prior to being engaged by SMIT, Dave gained valuable experience in the world of maritime casualties while working as a Charterer’s Liability Underwriter and Claims Handler with a P&I insurer in Rotterdam. Dave’s working day includes salvage and wreck removal negotiations with shipowners and their insurers to formulate and agree the terms for SMIT’s specialist assistance. His KES presentation includes dramatic photos & videos of SMIT salvage work. Dave also leads an intriguing case study opportunity for KES participants to take the role of the various stakeholders in a casualty scenario and create action plans for resolution.

We look forward to welcoming you on board our KES 21-23 March 2017 course in Singapore. You will experience an intriguing voyage through the business of shipping with the SeaProf ‘Knowledge Pilots’. So don’t miss the boat – have a chat with your HR person & register now.

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